Green Share Energy

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What's the purpose of Green Share Energy?

The purpose of Green Share Energy is to make green energy accessible to everyone, starting with solar. Our foremost goal is to not only build solar farms across America, but let everyday citizens invest in the future of green energy. We believe that not only is it possible to build a future where green energy is more affordable and more widespread than non-renewable forms of energy, but that it is essential to our continued survival as a species. The future is coming, will you help us build it?

The USĀ aims to run on 40% solar energy by 2035, together we can make that 2030

What is the Impact of One Solar Farm?

What is the actual impact of one of our solar farms? We plan on building solar farms that produce at least 2.5 megawatts per hour. Currently, 1 megawatt hour from a coal plant puts almost half a ton of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. Each one of our solar farms will prevent over a ton of carbon dioxide pollution each year. For scale, a ton of carbon dioxide takes up enough room to easily fit over 1000 people in it. On average, trees take in less than 50 pounds of carbon dioxide a year. That means a solar farm prevents more than 40 trees worth of pollution. Click below to learn more.